Check out the quality of work from Goldsmith Roofing

At Goldsmith Roofing, pride ourselves on the quality of roofing services we supply to our customers and clients in the Lewes, Brighton, and Uckfield area. That pride is not misplaced: over the last twenty years we have performed roof repairs, loft conversions, and other roofing services for thousands of satisfied clients in the East Sussex area.

In that time, we have developed a reputation for excellence, which is not something we take lightly, since much of it was built on the recommendations from those same clients to their friends, families, and acquaintances, and we do our best to ensure that their faith in our work is well-founded.


But don’t just take our word for it: check out the images on this page, and see for yourself the level of craftsmanship that goes into every roof we deal with. With twenty years as a trading company, and five times as much in collective experience, we bring expertise and precision to every job.


To see what we can do for your roof, call us today on 01273 477506, and speak to a member of our team.

Roof Canopy

 roof repair on the joining edge
damage tiles and slates
applying loft conversion in the house
missing tilres on the roof
loft conversion implement on the house
dormer loft conversion implement on the house
painted roof of the house
roof repair by adding tiles
house roof repaired
loft conversion implementations
newly added tiles on the roof
broken and damage roof
newly repaired roof
decolorized tiles of the roof

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