Common types of roof repairs

There are several things that can cause damage to your roof, and our team of highly experienced professional roofers are qualified to deal with all of them. Here are just a handful of the more common roof repairs that we deal with all the time.

Water accumulation

A common occurrence with flat roofs and shallow sloped roofs with inadequate guttering or drainage. Water can pool on the roof during bad weather, or as a result of water ingress from elsewhere. Such a build-up of water is surprisingly heavy and it doesn’t take long for a roof to buckle under the weight.


Tile replacement

Most houses suffer from a leaking roof at some time or another, and they can cause a great deal of damage to the interior of the house. By the time the leak has been discovered, the damage has already been done, and it is essential to have any roof repairs completed immediately before it gets any worse. Our expert roofers are experienced at locating the cause of the leak, and dealing with it appropriately.

There are a number of reasons for a roof repair to involve replacing tiles. As the first line of defence for your roof, they are prone to weather and impact damage and, if inadequately installed in the first place, they are liable to come loose. When one tile needs replacing, the adjoining tiles become susceptible to further damage, so be sure to have any damaged or broken tiles replaced as soon as you notice them.

Your local roof repairers

We have our base in Lewes, but deal with roof repairs across East Sussex, including for our valued clients in Brighton and Uckfield.

Emergency call out

At Goldsmith Roofing, we understand that there’s never a good time for a roof to get damaged. This is why we offer an emergency call out service so that your roof repairs can be dealt with as soon as they occur.

Get in touch

No matter what damage has been done to your roof, it is vital that you deal with any roof repairs as soon as possible. Call Goldsmith Roofing today on 01273 477506 for a fast and effective service that will leave your roof as good as new.

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